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Maur Hill - Mount Academy is a Catholic, international, college prep, boarding and day school that has been educating and inspiring young men and women in the Benedictine traditions since 1863.

Article Courtesy of Online Tatler, Lauren M. '13

Photo Courtesy of Online Tatler, Jacob H. '13



Maur Hill-Mount Academy held the annual Pep Rally on Friday, September 7th before the first home football game against Troy.  The students gathered together to celebrate the fall sports season.  The coaches for the season, Coach Pickman and Coach Kelly (volleyball), Coach Monroe (football), and Coach Patino (soccer) all came to introduce their student athletes.

The MH-MA cheerleaders led the pep rally with class chants and performed a flawless dance routine that showed off the hard work the girls had been doing at practice.  After the cheerleaders warmed up the crowd, the Pep Club officers introduced the first game. 

Three-legged soccer was a kick! The freshmen and sophomores took on the juniors and seniors.  Nathan Mize and Margaret Kuckelman showed the underclassmen how it was done.  “It felt good to win it for the junior-senior class.  Margaret and I had problems in the beginning, but we somehow remained victorious,” said Nathan Mize after winning the soccer game.  The fun didn’t stop there.

Some of the senior boys had to show the school how they get ready for the day.  The senior girls were the “arms” of the boys and had one minute to put all the makeup and hair accessories onto the boys before time ran out.  “It was all in fun, glad everyone got a good laugh out of it.  The glitter was extremely hard to get off, but I must say it brought out my inner beauty,” said Sr. Cody Calhoon.

It wouldn’t be a fall sports pep rally without the athletes imitating their coaches.  Brock Hanf, Cody Calhoon, and Mark McDermed showed the school what a typical day was like at football practice with Coach Monroe.  Evan Wheeler, RJ and Trevor Vanhoozer, and Nathaniel Curry had fun imitating Coach Patino.  Lauren Mize, Jacey Frakes, and Catherine Campbell showed the school a side of Coach Pickman that many don’t see each and every day, by listening to a rap that Pickman made up for the volleyball team. 

The Raven dance team ended the pep rally with a hip hop dance that had everyone on their feet.  “We had worked so hard at practice and it was great to see all of our hard work pay off,” said Lauren Mize, captain of the dance team. 

The students left chanting the fight song and were ready to cheer on the football team to a victory.


Maur Hill - Mount Academy is a Catholic, international, college preparatory, boarding and day school located in Atchison, Kansas. Founded in 1863 by the Benedictine brothers and sisters, MH-MA provides a well-respected education to students from across the country and internationally in a safe, supportive, college prep environment.

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