College Counseling


The College Counseling office provides guidance for a student and their family through the college admissions process. This begins much sooner then a student's Senior year (12th), as the counseling office begins mapping out a plan for each individual student even before their first day of school.

Every graduate is prepared to continue their education after high school. In addition to being prepared for their studies, Maur Hill - Mount Academy graduates take with them the independence and responsibility they developed here, along with the positive routines and motivation that has been instilled in them for their continued success.

Graduates from Maur Hill - Mount Academy are accepted and enter a wide array of Colleges and Universities throughout the country and abroad, including many highly selective schools. Last year's graduating class had 100% of its graduates accepted and entering college, and many with substantial scholarships to multiple schools.

Counselor's Corner
The College Counselor maintains a private page on the school website for current Maur Hill - Mount Academy parents and students. Within those pages, the counselor shares insights to inform and guide families on the college application process, scholarship availability and how to apply, along with a variety of additional resources.

The counselor schedules meetings with the student during their time at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, and is available by appointment to meet with the parents and their student together. As a boarding school, the counselor is available via phone calls and emails for parents that are unable meet in person.

College information nights are held during the school year by the counselor to lead discussions and answer questions for families navigating the college admissions process. The counselor also schedules Universities/Colleges to visit campus during the year to meet with students.

ACT / SAT Test Prep and Testing Center
A student's performance on standardized tests is an essential part of a student's application to University. The school counselor will seek to schedule a prep class as a part of a student's class schedule when the timing is right. The counselor can provide practice exams for the student and assist in the scheduling of tests. In addition to the prep course at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, we are also a testing center that offers multiple testing dates each year.

TOEFL Test Prep and Testing Center for International Students
In addition to an ACT or SAT exam, an international student will take the TOEFL exam to demonstrate their English proficiency as part of their application to University. Similarly the TOEFL score is important for University acceptances and scholarships. A TOEFL preparation course is available at Maur Hill - Mount Academy, along with a TOEFL testing center on campus with multiple testing dates each year.


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