International Students
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Director of Admission
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2017-18 School Year

Intensive ESL Summer Program - Program Information
(July - August)
Ages: 12-19 years old

Designed for students studying in the US for the first time and needing to build their English level. Also geared for students as they prepare for the TOEFL exam. Students that attend can remain on campus to enter the school year, which begins just a few days after the Summer session ends. This program coincides with immersion activities in the evenings and weekends to ensure cultural experiences.

English Camp (Mexico/Latin America)- Summer Program
(July - August)
Ages: 12-19 years old

Ideal for students namely from Mexico and Latin American countries that want to study English and immerse in the US culture for 5 weeks. Length of program can be adjusted per request. Students typically return home after the session. This program coincides with immersion activities in the evenings and weekends to ensure cultural experiences are had.

High school diploma program (Apply)
Grades: 9th-12th
A college preparatory curriculum for international students, with ESL support as needed. The program is designed to provide the challenge and support for a student to continue their education into University after graduation. 98% of MH-MA graduates go directly into University.

One Year Study Program    (Apply)
(August - May)
Grades: 9th-12th

A long tradition of families from Mexico and all other Latin American countries and also Spain have sent their children to MH-MA for a year of study abroad. Students are accepted just as a regular applicant, but with the knowledge that the student will be returning home at the end of the school year. Maur Hill - Mount Academy will support the family and school in the student's respective country in order to validate grades. In most cases this means ensure an acceptable course schedule followed by an official transcript at the end of the year with an Apostille.

ESL Program & Support

There are 3 levels of support available for students on the High school diploma program; Beginner (I), Intermediate (II), and Advanced (III). This program is incorporated with an international students academic schedule to ensure the necessary English support is provided. All international students upon arrival will take an English proficiency to determine class placement.

International Students (2017-18)

Annual Payment $31,600   Due Aug. 1st

Semester Payment Option
1st Payment $19,000 Due Aug. 1st
2nd Payment $13,600 Due Dec. 1st

Spring Entry (January)
Semester Payment $19,000 Due Jan. 1st

Application Fee $100 Initial Fee Due when applying
Security Deposit $500 Initial Fee Due if accepted; I-20 then express mailed
Class Fees ----- ----- Included in tuition
Senior Graduation Fee ----- ----- Included in tuition
Uniforms ----- ----- Included in tuition
ESL Courses and Expenses ----- ----- Included in tuition
Insurance ----- ----- Included in tuition
ACT/SAT & TOEFL Prep Courses   ----- ----- Included in tuition
Boarding Fees (Living in Dorms)     ----- ----- Included in tuition
Meals (3 meals a day)   ----- ----- Included in tuition
School Yearbook ----- ----- Included in tuition

Fees as applicable
College Credit Registration Fee $25  Initial Fee Due when in college credit course
College Credit Classes varies  Annual Fee Typically 3 credit hours per class ($180)
AP Exams varies  Annual As scheduled
Personal Spending Money $30-$40/wk  As Needed Estimate: $2,000 for school year

Personal Spending Money

School Account: The school operates a money checkout system for families. Personal spending money for a student can be added to the tuition payment and will be placed in a student account at school. The student may check money out on a weekly basis per the amount specified on the enrollment contract. The school can also assist a student in opening a local bank account with a debit card or they may bring their own credit/debit card with them to school.

International Students