The 2012-13 school year was the last for the longtime Deleware Valley League. The end of the league is due to the beginning of a new league, the Northeast Kansas League (NEK), which will take a majority of the DVL with it. The NEK will consist of eight teams, all former DVL schools. The conference will be comprised of schools in the 2A and 3A levels, which are similar in size. This new league will make travel easier and give each sport a chance to play against all other teams in the league to determine league champions. 

The new NEK (Northeast Kansas) league is comprised of the following teams:

  • Jackson Heights (Cobras)
  • Maur Hill-Mount Academy (Ravens)
  • Immaculata (Raiders)
  • Jefferson County North (Chargers)
  • McLouth (Bulldogs)
  • Oskaloosa (Bears)
  • Pleasant Ridge (Rams)
  • Valley Falls (Dragons)

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