We are a Community of Scholars who come together to form a multicultural family promoting personal, spiritual, and physical growth in a safe, respectful, and nurturing home.

Residency Centers (Dorms)

The residency centers are structured and safe environments promoting academic excellence and forming life-long friendships. A place for the students to develop skills and positive life-long habits that benefit both their education and themselves as an individual, while under the support, guidance, and care of Maur Hill - Mount Academy.

  • Structured and supportive environment (routines and positive habits)
  • Promoting and contributing to academics and life skills
  • Safe and secure living environment. Prefects (adult staff) on duty at all times
  • Nearby shopping (transportation by prefects)
  • Organized trips for activities, entertainment, shopping, and fun every weekend.
  • Special weekends: Amusement park, camp-out, snow skiing, school dances, and more...

St. Leo's Dormitory

  • Boy's dorm
  • Two boys share a spacious room

Howard Hall Dormitory

  • Girl's dorm
  • Each girl has their own individually sized room

Room Amenities (Each student provided)

  • Study desk & chair
  • Single bed (twin size)
  • Dresser
  • Closet Space
  • Wireless Internet access

Dorm Amenities

  • Prefects staff dorms at all times
  • Centrally located and only steps away from school building and activity areas
  • Living room area (sitting areas, entertainment (movies & games)
  • Group studying/game area for students
  • Kitchens available for student's use, several food options stocked by dorms
  • Wifi internet throughout dorms and campus
  • Laundry room - Available for students at no cost (only need soap)
  • Transportation by prefects to stores and attractions
  • Activity areas: Ping pong, air hockey, foosball, and similar

Residency (Dorm) Leadership

The Residency Director is a school administrator

  • Oversees programs for both dormitories
  • Guides staff of Prefects that support and care for the students at all times
  • Monitors student's success and growth while identifying  and ensuring areas of attention
  • Meets and communicates with teachers daily on students
  • Plans and organizes activities, trips, and overall experiences for students
  • Primary contact for parents

The Prefects (Adult staff in Residency Centers)

  • Guides students daily in support of academics with grade/homework checks, study halls, and similar
  • Monitors daily study hall in evenings, ensuring students are attentive to studies
  • Ensures students are adopting positive routines and schedules that benefit them today and in future years
  • Open door for student to spend time and also to receive advice and support
  • Provides transportation for student in and around community to ensure needs/wants are met
  • Perform various parental duties to ensure the individual care and attention for each child

Student Prefect (Upper level students, one on each dorm floor)

  • Recognized as student leader in dorms
  • Supports Prefect in various tasks and activities during the week
  • Seen as fellow student to aspire and relate to when needed
  • Sets positive example for all students and helps guide new students


Structured & Supportive Environment

The opportunity to earn responsibility and independence is evident in the residency centers. A primary goal of the school is to prepare students for their successful entrance into University, while the residency program seeks to ensure that each student has the drive, skills, and independence to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The Residency Director and staff (prefects), work with each student on their individual areas, from which growth is needed. As a center overall, there are routines in place for a student to carry with them in school and life.

  • Daily Homework checks
  • Evening study halls; prefects in and out of rooms for motivation and support
  • Bi-weekly overall grade checks by Residency Director
  • Organization is key, and there are daily room checks to ensure organized and clean rooms
  • Positive, daily routines for students to adapt to and carry with them to University
  • Transportation as needed (store, doctor appointments, airport, etc...)
  • Tutors available
  • PowerSchool: Weekly grade checks available

Typical School Day Schedule

Wake Up                        6:45am
Breakfast                        7:20am
School Day                     7:50am-3:15pm
Academic Support          3:15pm - 3:45pm
Sports/Activities             4:00pm - 5:30pm
Dinner                             6:00pm
Study Hall                       7:00pm - 8:30pm
Free Time                        8:30pm - 10:00pm
Lights Out                      10:15pm

School Year and Breaks
- School Year Begins, typically 2nd week of May. Late applicants welcomed.
Thanksgiving (November) - Dorms remain open, and students may stay at no cost.
Christmas (December) - Dorms close for approximately 2 weeks. Students return home.
January - 2nd semester begins. Students able to enroll at this term.
Spring Break (March) - Dorms remain open, and students may stay at no cost
May - End of School Year - typically 3rd week of May.

There are optional trips scheduled for the Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks for students
Spring Break - International trip planned each year for students
2012: Ireland and England
2013: France
2014: Germany, Prague, Switzerland & a separate Mission trip to Mexico
2015: Italy
2016: Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Scotland
2017: Paris, Germany, & the Alps


Activities and Experiences
Regular Weekly & Weekend Activities
Sports & Clubs: Over 30 sports and clubs to participate in
Gym: basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, etc...
Sports areas: baseball, football, soccer, track and other spaces for frisebee and similar fun
Roost Night Activities - House system organizes games/activities on Wednesday nights
Athletic center: weight training, exercise stations, and aerobic area
Local YMCA - Swimming & gymnasium
Shops, stores, local businesses and similar areas
Kansas City for a shopping mall center, museum, movies, and entertainment venues

  • Fall
    Amusement Park
    Mall Trip
    Homecoming Dance
    Haunted House Trip
    Roller Skating
    International Market
    Renaissance Festival

  • Winter
    Theater Production
    Ice Skating
    Mall Trip
    Snow Skiing
    Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
    Winter Formal Dance
    New Year Celebration

  • Spring
    Super Bowl Party
    Shopping Mall
    Entertainment center (i.e.. Go-Karts)
    Spring break international trip (optional)
    Prom Dance

Other activities often times organized by students and supported by dorm staff
Professional Sports games (Royals baseball, Chiefs football, KC Sporting soccer)
Music Concerts
Community Service
Various other activities that arise that students wish to do, our staff seeks to accommodate those opportunities.

Student Life