Every student is welcomed into a "House" once they enroll into Maur Hill - Mount Academy (MH-MA). A House is a diverse community made up of students from all grades and a student will remain in the same House during their time at MH-MA. The Houses are student-led and exist to strengthen the school community, to form students in leadership roles, as well as to ensure all students are actively involved in the school. The House system ensures each student’s personal, academic and spiritual growth is nourished by encouraging strong relationships with House faculty..


Houses (4)
The student body is evenly distributed into four Houses: St. Gabriel, St. George, Mother Teresa, and St. Sebastian. These Houses strive to earn points throughout the year to win monthly House competitions. School faculty are assigned to a House and play a supportive role for students. Leadership opportunities are available for students as each House resembles and acts as their own Student Council. The House System helps welcome new students sand foster a positive school environment.

  • Evenly distributes the student body into 4 Houses, each representative of the school community
  • Welcomes new students and fosters a positive school environment with student role models
  • Leadership opportunities available as each House resembles and acts as a Student Council
  • A student House Captain is elected for each House and teachers provide support & guidance to each House
  • Each House plans and organizes a selection of events, competitions, school dances, Masses, fundraisers, community service and more

House Points
The amount of points a House earns each month is determined by a number of factors, all of them requiring participation of students. Houses learn to work together in order to earn points based on personal contributions, academics, conduct, charity, and a monthly contest.

House Cup
Throughout the school year, the Houses compete in various intellectual, athletic, artistic, and other competitions. Many areas of competition give students opportunities to earn points throughout each month. The House with the highest point total at the end of the school year will be awarded the House Cup and taken on a special trip. This past year, the winning House received a free day from school and traveled to a popular amusement park in Kansas City.

Family Time (Teacher Advisors)
Each House is evenly divided into three "Families" and has a student leader as well as a teacher advisor. These families exist to further establish close connections between students from different grades, activities, backgrounds, interest, and similar. "Family Time" helps welcome new students into the school community and includes a variety of activities including group discussions, academic reviews, and similar planned by their teacher advisor.

  • A House is divided into 3 Families and maintains a balanced representation of the House
  • Each "Family" has 15 students and a teacher adviser that meets 4 days a week
  • Review academics, provide support, goal setting, discuss current events, and much more
  • The teacher adviser is an advocate for the student, which goes beyond the classroom

Student Life